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As of October 2021 the Blue Cottage is closed for the season. In spite of Covid 19 Nova Scotia had a great summer. The Blue Cottage is very popular and was fully booked this summer. If you are interested in staying at the Blue Cottage become a member.

The Concrete House on Saxon Street is closed for the season. Over the winter the board of directors is working hard on plans for restoring the Concrete House. Presently Charlie's home is in great disrepair. We have hired a restoration architect to help us make plans for a complete restoration over the next 4 years. This is a huge undertaking and we need your help, become a member, volunteer, or just send us a note.

We would love to hear from you. charlesmacdonaldsociety@gmail.com


January 2022 - Thanks to December donations we were able to install a new heat pump in the downstairs gallery at the Concrete House. This is phase one of our climate control system and will go a long way in helping preserve the building.


January 2022 - We have started a capital campaign to raise $90,000 to continue the Restoration of the Concrete House.


December 2021 - We welcomed prominent Nova Scotia folk artist John Neville to our board of directors.


October 2021 - We closed another successful season at the Blue Cottage


September 2021 - A representative from Nova Scotia Communities, Culture, and Heritage came out for a site visit at the Concrete House.


August and July of 2021 - Despite COVID and parts of the Concrete House being closed to the public we were full open to visitors and has a successful summer season.


July 2021 - We submitted an ACOA grant to help with the Restoration of the Concrete House.


June 2021 - Our Kings County Vision Grant was successful for the sum of $63,000 over the next 3 years.  The Grant is contingent on both the Federal and Provincial Governments support.


May 2021 - We began removal of water damaged and moldy drywall and sub flooring from the Hazelwood Gallery.


May 2021 - We submitted a Cultural Spaces Grant to the Federal Government.


May 2021 - We submitted a completed Grant to Nova Scotia Communities, Culture, and Heritage.


April 2021 - Volunteers removed the dysfunctional bathroom form the second floor of the Concrete House revealing an unknown mural by Charles Macdonald.


April 2021 - Volunteers completed carpentry work to repair the cabinets in the kitchen.

February and March 2021 - The building committee met with various local contractors and completed a budget for the three year project to Restore the Concrete House.


September and October 2020 - We received our 2020 Kings Vision grant money and were able to patch the roof and remove the problematic trees. We also received the finished Architects Report. At this time we had an outdoors open house to tell people about the problems and let them read the Architects Report. Link to the Architects Report https://www.concretehouse.ca/_files/ugd/218b46_76e4514bba524f00819e4cab733ab08a.pdf


July and August 2020 - We employed two summer students and were able to open the Museum and gardens to the public. We have not been able to open the Hazelwood Gallery as the moisture and mold was to severe.


May and June 2020 - We concentrated our efforts on the gardens. With the help of community volunteers we did a major property clean up, cleaning out years of leaves and over growth, planting new gardens, purchasing picnic table, installing outdoor art installations. All in preparation for a more COVID friendly summer.


April 2020 - We were advised by Nova Scotia Communities, Culture, and Heritage to apply for a grant to hire a heritage architect to properly assess the building. Our grant was successful ($3000). We also applied for a Kings Vision Grant to help with the cost of the architects report, remove problematic trees, and patch the roof. This grant was successful for 2/3 of what we asked for. With the support of the local community and in-kind labor we made up the difference and accomplished what was laid out in both grants ($11,000).


March 2020 - Board meeting, research results in identifying funding to save the building. We began conversations with all three levels of government about funding to save the Concrete House. At the federal level we have been in contact with Cultural Spaces Grant, at the Provincial level we spoke with Heritage Nova Scotia, and at Kings County accessing information about the Vision Grant.


February 2020 — Board meeting to vote on selling the Concrete House as it is in such great disrepair that our meagre budget can no longer maintain it properly. We voted to research funding possibilities to save the Concrete House.