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In January of 2020 the Charles Macdonald House began working with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia to develop lesson plans based on the artwork of Charlie. Originally intended to be delivered in the classroom we pivoted to deliver the art lesson virtually. While we miss interacting one on one with the children this enabled us to deliver the programming to classrooms all over Nova Scotia. If you are interested in sharing this art education program with a classroom please contact Kris Webster as the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia


Download PDF colouring pages of some of Charlie's unique sculptures. Colour them your own original way and send us a picture of what you have made.

Send images to

Charles Macdonald Cougar Colouring Page.
Charles Macdonald Blue Cottage Colouring
Charles Macdonald Toadstool Colouring Pa
Charles Macdonald Deer Colouring
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