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FALL 2023

Star Talk at the Blue Cottage

Sunday, September 17th. Starts after sunset, at 7:30pm. Please arrive after 7:00pm. On the 17th, the moon will be a small waxing crescent, so it will not interfere with star viewing!


Amateur Astronomer, James Roy will give a beginners guide to our local night sky. Explore the constellations and other heavenly notable things about our cosmos. Roy will bring some night sky viewing devices including a laser pointer that extends 5 miles, allowing him to point directly at specific stars. Bring a chair and binoculars if you have them. Dress for cooler evening fun.


Photo credits: photographer George Wade captured this amazing long-exposure photo of the night sky at the Blue Cottage


*Please note: the date and time for this event has been revised since our August newsletter. Please disregard the date and time included in the newsletter. 

Silkscreening T-shirts

We had a great turnout, silkscreening about 40 t-shirts in a frantic afternoon of fun.

Silkscreening t-shirts

This was such a blast we will definitely be doing it several times next summer.

Silkscreening t-shirts

Lead by artists and board member Terry Drahos.

Silkscreened t-shirts

Some of the results of our afternoon fun.

Photo 2022-06-30, 7 58 28 PM
Photo 2022-06-30, 8 17 47 PM
Photo 2022-06-30, 8 17 40 PM
Photo 2022-06-30, 7 58 35 PM
Photo 2022-06-30, 7 57 59 PM
Photo 2022-06-30, 8 18 19 PM
Photo 2022-06-27, 12 09 59 PM
Photo 2022-06-27, 3 55 17 PM
Photo 2022-06-27, 2 52 19 PM
Blue Cottage, AnnapolisViews-Isabel Luce-10
Blue Cottage, AnnapolisViews-Isabel Luce-06
Blue Cottage, AnnapolisViews-Isabel Luce-30
Blue Cottage, AnnapolisViews-Isabel Luce-14
Blue Cottage, AnnapolisViews-Isabel Luce-13
Blue Cottage, AnnapolisViews-Isabel Luce-09
Blue Cottage, AnnapolisViews-Isabel Luce-08
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