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Art Installations



a seasonal interactive sculpture on the grounds of the Museum.

by Onya Hogan-Finlay

Over the years we have added to Charlie's sculpture garden by presenting contemporary art installations in the backyard.  We hope to add permanent and temporary artwork each year.  

Visitors are invited to peer through the suspended inflatable apple-shaped camera obscura to experience an upside down view of their surroundings. This artwork reframes colonial pathways of settlement in Mi'kma'ki / Nova Scotia and will feature a mended ash splint basket with living grapevines ascending the 18' tapered spruce ladder - an embodiment of the recent agricultural shifts from orchards to vineyards in the Annapolis Valley. The sculpture is part of Onya's ongoing creative research for Apples & Oranges: Unearthing the Roots of Introduced Fruit to North America.


Details can be found on the artist's website. Apple Obscura was co-designed with Pneuhaus and was made in collaboration and consultation with Earl Smith and Carolyn Landry. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the ArtsArts Nova Scotia, Lunenburg Foundation for the Arts, and in-kind donations from Noggins Corner Farm and Atlantex Creative Works.

Other art installations you will find in Charlie's yard.

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