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Happy Birthday Charlie

149 years ago today (April 5) Charles Macdonald was born!

That means that next year would be his 150th! Our goal is to be able to throw a 150th birthday party for Charlie next year, and invite you all to celebrate his legacy and the work being done on the house!

We have been tackling the exterior and structural issues with the Concrete House over this year and last, and we are turning our focus to the interior. We are currently applying to some large grants that would allow us to renovate the Hazelwood Gallery and perform other much-needed work.

How can you help us?


We need to show community support as we complete these grants. We welcome any letters, notes, memories or messages that we can use in our grant applications to show support for the project and the importance of Charles and Mabel Macdonald and the Concrete House in Centreville.

Click here to leave us a message:

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