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Marla Benton

Wayne Boucher

Eileen Boyd

Donald Burry

Flora Doehler

Terry Drahos

Brandt Eisner

Frank Forrestall

Jessica Forrestall

Millie Forrestall Webb

Doretta Groenendyk

Cynthia Grove

Bob Hainstock

Roh Hayes

Onya Hogan-Finlay

Tanya Keigan

Ginny Killin

Miyoshi Kondo

Ted Lind

Frankie Macaulay

Melissa Marr

B Mosher

Sarah Mosher

John Neville

Sally O'Grady

Scott Olszowiec

Sophie Paskins

Rachel Reeve

Twila Robar DeCoste

Monique Silver

Courtney Turner

Marie Webb

Jessica Winton




Thirty six Nova Scotia artists created artworks in memory of the long lost Teapot Cottage. During the Great Deprsssion in the 1930s Charles Macdonald kept his workers employed building five Fairie Cottages, at Huntingtons Point. The most unique of the cottages was nicknamed the Teapot Cottage for its distinctive shape. Some time in the 1990s the Teapot Cottage was demolitioned. This unique art project commemorates both Charlie’s unique building style and this long lost treasure. 


In the museums collection we found a plaster maquette of the Teapot Cottage. Working with local artists we created a mold and hand cast 50 plaster reproductions. Distributing them to artists all over Nova Scotia we asked them to create a singular artwork in their own style.


This exhibit of 36 interpretations of the Teapot Cottage honors Charlie’s uniqueness and  creativity. In keeping with the Macdonald’s core beliefs in equality, each Mini Teapot is $200 and artworks are not publicly signed. Proceeds from the sale will go to restore the Concrete House.

If you would like to purchase a Mini Teapot Cottage please email with the number/letter title. We will respond with its availability and instruction to complete your purchase.

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