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Charles Macdonald is 150 this year!
We're going to celebrate like it's 1874. 

Mark June 2nd on your calendar, for an old-fashioned birthday party at the Concrete House! 

June 2nd will also be the opening of a unique art exhibit in the newly renovated Hazelwood Gallery. Thirty-seven Nova Scotia artists have created miniature Teapot Cottage works of art. Mini Teapot Cottages will be displayed anonymously and for sale for $200. It is up to you to figure out which artist made which Cottage. The participating artists are:

Marla Benton, Wayne Boucher, Eileen Boyd, Flora Doehler, Terry Drahos, Brandt Eisner, Curphey Forestall, Frank Forestall, Millie Forestall, Renee Forestall, Tom Forestall, William Forestall, Angela Godoy, Doretta Greonendyk, Cynthia Grove, Bob Hainstock, Ron Hayes, Onya Hogan-Finlay, Tanya Keigan, Genny Killin, Miyoshi Kondo, Ted Lind, Frankie Macauley, Melissa Marr, Ben Mosher, Sarah Mosher, John Neville, Sally O’Grady, Scott Olszowiec, Sophie Paskins, Rachel Reeves, Lynn Rotin, Twila Robar-DeCoste, Monique Silver, Courtney Turner, Marie Webb, Jessica Winton

Concrete House $ filling up 03_24.jpg

Progress is happening so fast we can hardly keep up. Thank you to Nova Scotia Communities, Culture, and Heritage for the surprise contribution of $75,000 to save this important heritage property. Special shout out to our local MLA John Lohr for championing this project.

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