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While Harold Cromwell and Charles Macdonald are both considered Nova Scotia folk artists, their style is more similar to each other than their contemporaries.  Their art styles are set apart from the minimalist and brightly colored styles of Maude Lewis, Barry Colpitts, or so many other Nova Scotian folk artists.  


This exhibit focuses on Charlie and Harold’s landscapes. In these artworks, images of rural activities are richly textured with exacting details, so as to add to the story. Although both men were untrained artists, their abilities to incorporate linear and atmospheric perspective were highly developed. Their balanced compositions exhibit an innate sense of design. 


Both artists left school at an early age for work and, as young men, circumstances took them to other parts of the world. They returned to the Annapolis Valley with new skills, ideas, and a compulsive need to make artwork. Harold and Charles’ artworks depict the everyday scenes of their rural life in detail, capturing moments in time. Harold Cromwell and Charles Macdonald have left us with an invaluable record of the Annapolis Valley in the 20th century. 


The Cromwell and Macdonald families recognized the value of their artwork, which falls beyond the mainstream. We are all the richer for their foresight in preserving and sharing these images. Thank you to the extended Cromwell family for allowing us to exhibit Harold’s work along side Charlie’s.


Thank you Arts Nova Scotia for supporting this exhibit





Marla Benton

Wayne Boucher

Eileen Boyd

Donald Burry

Flora Doehler

Terry Drahos

Brandt Eisner

Frank Forrestall

Jessica Forrestall

Millie Forrestall Webb

Doretta Groenendyk

Cynthia Grove

Bob Hainstock

Roh Hayes

Onya Hogan-Finlay

Tanya Keigan

Ginny Killin

Miyoshi Kondo

Ted Lind

Frankie Macaulay

Melissa Marr

B Mosher

Sarah Mosher

John Neville

Sally O'Grady

Scott Olszowiec

Sophie Paskins

Rachel Reeve

Twila Robar DeCoste

Monique Silver

Courtney Turner

Marie Webb

Jessica Winton

This exhibit of interpretations of the Teapot Cottage honors Charlie’s uniqueness and  creativity. In keeping with the Macdonald’s core beliefs in equality, each Mini Teapot is $200 and artworks are not publicly signed. Proceeds from the sale will go to restore the Concrete House.

If you would like to purchase a Mini Teapot Cottage please email with the number/letter title. We will respond with its availability and instruction to complete your purchase.

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