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Phase 2: The Interior


Phase Two of the rehabilitation is to address the interior so that the building can once again be useful to the community as it was prior to 2019.

Prior to 2019 the Concrete House was a thriving cultural hub in the Centreville area. Between the organizations founding in 1996 and 2019, the Concrete House hosted community picnics, musical events, art exhibits, and even a home to a family that was displaced by the flooding of the Cornwallis River.

Starting in 2019 the 2/3rd of the building became unusable due to constant water damage from a leaky roof and poorly designed drainage system. The increased moisture in the house resulted in interior walls, ceilings, and floors covered in mold. Because of rotting wood in the roof structure animals nesting became a constant problem. The animals combined with the moisture and mold created an unhealthy interior environment. Due to these ongoing problems the organization had to eliminate any activities in the Hazelwood Gallery and access to the second floor of the main house. 

Our goal is to save the Concrete House for future generations and to update systems so that it is a functional space year round. 


We have divided the restoration of the Concrete House into three phases:

Phase 1: Scheduled for completion in April 2023. 

Phase 2: Removing mold and moisture damaged walls floors and ceilings. Rebuilding the interior to be safe, useful, and accessible.

Phase 3: Repairing and restoring the exterior walls, windows and doors. Updating sidewalks, thresholds and doorways to increase accessibility.

11 Mold on interior walls.jpeg
The Architects Report
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